STC H - Airport Road to City

The Airport to City Sustainable Transport Corridor (STC H) commences at the junction of the N27 Kinsale Road (Airport Road) and Ballycurreen Road, at the Bull McCabe’s pub. The corridor travels along the N27 towards the Kinsale Road Junction, before continuing on the Kinsale Road north of the Junction. At O’Connell Avenue the proposed routes for buses and cyclists diverge.

The proposed bus corridor turns right onto South Douglas Road and then accesses the N27 South City Link Road via the existing slip lane. The bus corridor continues north along the N27 South City Link Road and through to Eglinton Street and Clontarf Street, before terminating at Anderson’s Quay.

Cyclists are proposed to route via Curragh Road, O’Connell Avenue, Evergreen Road, Summerhill South and Langford Row, before turning onto Infirmary Road and terminating at the junction of Anglesea Street/Old Station Road. From here, cyclists will avail of cycle facilities on Anglesea Street and Parnell Place.

Dedicated cycle facilities are proposed along the majority of the corridor with quiet street treatments proposed in areas where dedicated facilities are not provided. Priority for buses is provided along the majority of the corridor using either dedicated bus lanes or traffic management measures to manage the volume of traffic to ensure bus journey time reliability.