STC F - Bishopstown to City

The Bishopstown to City Sustainable Transport Corridor (STC F) commences at the junction of Melbourn Road/Curraheen Road and proceeds along Curraheen Road and on to Bishopstown Road. The corridor then passes Cork University Hospital and at the existing Wilton Roundabout turns north on to Wilton Road and continues to Dennehy’s Cross. Cyclists are provided with two alternative routes parallel to Wilton Road, one to the west and one to the east. The proposed alternative route to the west will consists of a quiet street route along Wilton Avenue, through CUH and along Bishopstown Avenue. The proposed alternative route to the east will be a new segregated two-way cycle track along Glasheen Road to connect to the existingshared pedestrian and cycling facilities on Schoolboy’s Lane.

From Dennehy’s Cross the corridor proceeds north along Victoria Cross Road and onto Western Road. As with Wilton Road, cyclists are provided with an alternative route to buses for a portion of the corridor, diverting from Western Road to the existing parallel route along Mardyke Walk. The cycle and bus corridors then merge at the junction of Donovan’s Road/Western Road. The corridor then continues along the remainder of Lancaster Quay and Washington Street before terminating at the junction of Washington Street/Grand Parade.

Dedicated cycle tracks or alternative off-corridor cycle facilities are provided along the entire length of STC F. Priority for buses is provided for the majority of the STC by using dedicated bus lanes in both directions and alternative measures at particularly constrained locations.

I have only studied the Ballincollig to city STC, but my comments apply to all areas. I am deeply concerned that the plan has little or no connection to traffic patterns. It reads as a theoretical...
My comment is that while it's great to see the Bus lanes on this route, it would be wonderful if there were more cycle lanes as well. It looks like some of the bus lanes also include a cycle lane,...
This terminus/start point at Melbourne road, is the same as when I was in the College in 1972. Surely it should be extended westward to the outer housing area limit.