5. Strategy Aim and Objectives

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Aeravai Autonomous Electric Road and Air Vehicle Association of Ireland

5. Strategy Aim and Objectives

With Mental Health and Environmental health being our biggest concern for the following decades these must be given full consideration which has been lacking or missing up until now. The advantages that will come from Autonomous vehicles will be numerous and will enhance our urban realm and help achieve vision zero deaths on our roads from advanced safety features far beyond the capabilities of human drivers.   

Fully Autonomous Vehicles will offer more personal freedom than current public transport just doesn't provide. 

AV's will reduce long journey times from traditional public transport which takes so much longer and is more inconvenient than car journeys which is one of the main reasons people refuse to use and despise traditional public transport. 

They will offer greater Independence to our disability community and people with disabilities, like the blind, who are capable of self-sufficiency, and highly automated vehicles can help them live the life they want.

Ireland with its aging demographic will be aided, these vehicles will also enhance independence for our older people.

Reduced Congestion

Several causes of traffic congestion could be addressed by AVs.
Fewer crashes mean fewer roadway backups. AVs maintain a safe and consistent distance between vehicles, helping to reduce the human driving style caused traffic of stop-and-go waves that produce road congestion.

Environmental Gains

AVs have the potential to reduce fuel use and carbon emissions.
Fewer traffic jams save fuel and reduce greenhouse gases from needless idling.

Autonomous vehicles and car-sharing may spur more demand for all types of electric vehicles. When the vehicle is used more hours a day through car-sharing, any up-front battery costs could be shared also, increasing the economic appeal of electric cars.