Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Aeravai Autonomous Electric Road and Air Vehicle Association of Ireland

13. Road

Serious consideration should be given to trialing a roadway capable of charging EV's 


Any new concrete roadway should be compulsory to sequester carbon in the concrete used.


Underground tunnels should be prioritised over above-ground roadways and motorways to preserve and not disrupt the biosphere after the success of the Dublin Port Tunnel and with costs being reduced 10 fold since its completion it is now competitive to do so.

The removal or covering of dangerous tram tracks should be a priority. 

All Autonomous vehicles on Irish roads should be capable of inspecting and automatically reporting road defects to road maintenance departments.

Autonomous road maintenance vehicles should be used to repair roadways 


We should remove all ramps nationwide that will no longer be needed, with speed being governed by autonomous control which is a cause for concern for people with back health problems and has a mostly negative impact on journey quality with not much benefit.