Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Aeravai Autonomous Electric Road and Air Vehicle Association of Ireland

4. Policy Review

There seems to be a democratic deficit with 57 plus different agencies involved in Transport in Dublin alone, a serious problem with Quango distributed responsibility and very little or zero accountability! 

Current Elected reps don't seem to have much say in transport planning?

It was to be and still very well could and should be the responsibility of a Directly Elected Mayor for the Greater Dublin Area to assume accountability for Transport in the GDA from the NTA with full control over transport policy and delivery and held accountable by the electorate.   

If the transport policy of the NTA does match the Mayor's, the Mayor is accountable. The NTA doesn't appear to be accountable at all, spending over €400 million of public funds on undelivered and undeliverable proposals.

The policy of selling green bonds by the NTMA and using our national pension fund on projects with no planning could seriously damage Irelands international reputation and damage funding for real green projects.